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stock market abbreviations

stock market abbreviations
stock market abbreviations

What are the BB and OT stock exchanges?

Sometimes I hate the internet. I just spent an hour trying to look up these simple, common terms, and struck out utterly. I get the “Bulletin Board” reference, but no definition. Please help! What do these abbreviations stand for, and what are the markets/exchanges/whatever that they represent? Thanks!
So OT and BB are the same, then?

The Over The Counter Bulletin Board is not an exchange. Its a quote system for companies that dont meet specifications for listing on an exchange. Over the counter is when there is no central place or exchange where the stock is traded. Its traded directly by market makers over an electronic system or over the phone.

Can someone explain stock indices to me?

For example:

GOOG – Google Inc. 563.22 +0.73 (0.13%)

Volume: 2,696,461
Avg Vol. 3,3365,000
Mkt Cap: 178.86B

I know GOOG is the company abbreviation, Google is the company name, but what do the other numbers signify?

Also what is the Volume? Market Cap?

It gained 73 cents. Which was 0.13 percent of the previous days closing price

Volume is how many shares were bought and sold.

Average volume is the average over a certain time period, like over the last 10 days or 3 months is what they usually go by.

Market cap is the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the stock price. The total market value of the company.

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